About Us

Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club – Yaward Resort located near Taoyuan’s Daxi and Longtan Freeway Interchange, features a standard 27-hole golf course across three zones, including the 756-yard par-6 opening hole in the East Course, as the longest fairway in Taiwan.Yaward Resort Hotel is located in the Taoyuan Golf & Country Club, with 76 comfortable and well-appointed rooms and a variety of food and beverage services blending the East and West. The hotel is equipped with a 6-meter-high multi-functional banquet hall, standalone, well-appointed, and customizable conference space. It also combined the professional golf course area, fitness center, outdoor leisure pool, VR golf experience, and many other exciting facilities. Providing an ultimate vacation in leisure and relaxation and creating a first-choice resort for business and leisure. Visitors can breathe in the crisp fresh air and phytoncine of nature.